New features in Edulink One!
28th June 2017, by , in Blog

We’re pleased to announce the release of a couple of really useful features for EduLink One.

Our approach to software development is always user-led, and we’ve listened carefully to the feedback we’ve received from those schools already using the application when prioritising the next new features to prioritise. As our Technical Lead, Majid Hussain, explains:

The core purpose of EduLink One is to enable better communication between teachers, parents and students, so it’s important that every bit of functionality we add furthers that aim.

In the latest update, we’ve added:

Absence reporting

One of the most requested features since EduLink One launched has been the ability for parents to use the app to notify school administrators when their child is unable to attend school.

We’ve now added an easy to use absence reporting form which allows a parent or guardian to fill out the dates their child will be away from school, as well as a description of the reason for absence.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.40.10

The feature is only available from parents’ accounts, so there’s no potential for misuse. School administrators can use the direct messaging function within EduLink One to confirm receipt of the message and follow up with a request for further information if needed.

Assessment grids

Assessment grids were previously only available by logging into the school’s learning platform. Now, parents and students alike are able to access this data in a single click from the EduLink menu.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.43.34

A colour coded grid gives an overview of the student’s progress, while sub grids can be opened up to show greater detail on specific items, for example, teachers’ comments on individual grades.

If your school is not already using the EduLink One app, why not join our open trial? There’s no obligation to sign up, but you’ll get a better overview of the app and how each of the features works.

Sign up for a trial of Edulink

As ever, to learn more about the work we’ve done with EduLink, or to find out how we could help your school or organisation improve engagement, communication and learning outcomes, you can get in touch with Titus Learning here.



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