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Here's everything you need to know about the latest H5P update

We’ve long spoken about how much we love H5P, and why wouldn’t we? The open-source tool allows you to effortlessly create HTML5 content that can be embedded directly into your website or Moodle platform – the majority for free.

They recently announced an update that introduced some new features and made some changes to the current suite available. So we’ve created this blog post to summarise those changes and keep you informed.

01 Live learning tools

The most significant change that’s come about from this update is the introduction of multiple different ‘live event’ tools, a first for H5P. 

The first is the ‘Emoji Cloud’, which, whilst perhaps the simplest, is potentially the most effective. This tool allows you to collect feedback from learners on how satisfied they are with either questions or courses based on an emoji tiered scale. 

Another tool introduced is the ‘Word Cloud’, which follows the same basic principles of the emoji cloud, but instead requires users to answer questions from a predetermined answer list. 

The final live-action tool is the ‘Multipool’, which allows you to combine elements from the first two. An example of this in action is that midway through one of your courses, you could ask the users to rate the course using the emoji tier and follow this up by asking what device they used to complete it. 

Check out the video released by H5P for more information on these new tools. 

(As a note, these live tools do come as part of a paid subscription, so check out if they’re suitable for you).


02 Other updates

Beyond the live learning tools, they’ve introduced several other developments to tools already available on H5P – the first being the ‘The Branching Scenario’ tool.

Although it can be challenging to set up, this tool can be one of the most engaging methods of learning available. This new update moves’ Branching Scenario’ out of beta and brings in a host of changes to the way results are scored and rules you can set for your scenario.

Finally, H5P has added labels to hotspots within the ‘Virtual Tour 360’ tool, like the ability to label hazards on a driving theory test.

To check out the complete list of updates brought in, check out the release notes here.

H5P is an incredible tool, which we recommend you check out for your Moodle platform. For help getting started, or to speak to us about our course and content creation, get in touch here.

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