A Series On Moodle Workplace’s New Features: Organisation Structure (2/9)

Moodle Workplace was recently released, and it’s clear to all of us at Titus Learning that it is in a class of its own when it comes to the effect it will have on our business, our clients, and the Moodle community worldwide. In this series of videos and blog posts, we will be taking a look at Moodle Workplace’s brand new features, and explaining the benefits these will bring for Workplace learning. In this second instalment, we will be taking a look at the Organisation Structure feature.

When an institution launches an e-learning system, it’s important that the staff’s position’s within the platform correctly correlates to their position within the organisation. Your role within the platform will be responsible for your level of site access, the content that you are allowed to view and complete and even the ability to create content and resources yourself. Given that this is an integral part of how an institution operates we’re often surprised to find the limited number of features available to create accurate staff structures on certain platforms, usually reverting back to ill-defined properties and roles. Moodle Workplace is aware that this is a key challenge, so has created the Organisation Structure feature in Moodle Workplace.

Organisation Structure is actually a combination of three Moodle Workplace features; Department Frameworks, Position Frameworks and Job Assignments. To describe what these would do in an example institution, take a University. Within a University the Department Framework section creates the department, such as the Faculty of Engineering, the Position Framework would be the positions within this department, i.e. Professor, Professor Assistant and Learner, and the Job Assignment section is where each user would be assigned to each department and position.

A usually incredibly difficult and arduous process is easily simplified with three key Moodle Workplace features. To see how easy it truly is to replicate your organisation’s structure in Moodle Workplace, watch this short video below:

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