Increasing LMS usage and engagement at the International School of Bremen

Titus Learning were introduced to the International School of Bremen via the International Schools’ Council. The school had been using Moodle for some time, but were looking to find out more about how best to use the platform.

With only one member of staff managing training and support for the platform, usage and engagement among the schools’ 400 students was relatively low.

While keen to continue with Moodle, International School of Bremen were seeking to work with a provider who could ensure that the platform would be well used by staff and students alike, and who would provide a hands-on service including guidance on implementation, rollout and best practice.

Having reviewed the school’s requirements in detail, Titus Learning proposed a Moodle-based LMS which would incorporate a responsive, easy to navigate theme to improve usability as well as integration with the school’s MIS software, CMIS. This would streamline the process of user registration and management, avoiding duplication of work and saving time for International School of Bremen’s administrative staff.

“We first approached Titus Learning following a recommendation from another company with whom we’d worked. The process was well managed, thorough and supportive from end to end” – Malcolm Davis, School Director, International School of Bremen

Data protection laws in Germany meant that the new learning platform would have to be hosted at the school, which was a potential challenge in terms of maintaining the server. Titus Learning were able to circumvent this by implementing a remote management service, which allows the server and all sensitive data to be hosted onsite, while monitoring, updates, security patches and maintenance are handled remotely.

A key requirement was that management and maintenance of the new platform could be shared among the staff, rather than becoming the responsibility of a single member as before. To address this Titus Learning put forward an implementation plan which included in-depth staff training to ensure that the whole team was comfortable and confident in their use of the platform prior to launch day.

This was supported by a proactive support agreement which went beyond the classic model of fulfilling inbound requests and addressing technical issues. As well as providing a telephone and email support service, Titus Learning would provide ongoing advice and guidance into how best to use the platform, new features which could be utilised to further extend functionality and creative ideas to maintain and improve engagement within the school community.

“Titus Learning are a good, professional company and the support they offer is continuous and reliable. We’ll be continuing to work with them in future to support our virtual learning platform.” – Malcolm Davis, School Director, International School of Bremen

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