A central resource hub for staff, students, governors and parents at Guiseley School


Guiseley School first met with Titus Learning to explore the possibility of implementing a new online learning platform. The school was already using a disparate set of tools, but there was no integration between these platforms, and the school was unable to support the blended learning approach they wished to offer students.


There was a lack of centralised information, with some data being shared through other systems, including the school’s intranet, and the multitude of systems also presented a training problem. Without central direction of online learning at the school, teaching staff were tending towards their preferred systems with no uniform approach.

“We had tried to use several different VLEs. Until recently we were using Microsoft Sharepoint, integrated with a third party reporting system, and using Capita’s SIMS Learning Gateway. Whilst this was a good system to use for business needs, staff found it very difficult to use as a VLE. The SIMS Learning Gateway was functional, but didn’t always operate the way we would expect.”


Following a review of the situation involving teaching staff, governors and the SLT, Guiseley School engaged with a number of suppliers to review the possibilities.

“We needed a system that would satisfy all our criteria – an easy to use VLE which integrated fully with SIMS.net. Titus Learning was one of the companies we approached.”

After extensive consultation with stakeholders, Titus Learning presented a solution – Titus LMS, a Moodle based platform with extended functionality provided through bespoke theme design, user experience optimisation and a range of custom plugins. The platform was designed to meet the school’s specific needs in several key areas:

  • Provide a single system which would act as a central resource hub, would incorporate the functionality of each of the previously used tools, and would contain discrete areas for staff, students, governors and parents.
  • Create an engaging and responsive visual theme designed to encourage adoption, facilitate training and support users accessing the platform across a range of desktop and mobile devices.
  • Complement the technical aspect of the implementation with a training and support plan to ensure readiness of each key user group and maintain engagement post launch, and throughout the lifetime of the platform.
  • Integrate with the school’s management information system (SIMS) to allow all users appropriate access to key data via the LMS, such as grading data for students, behavioural reports for parents and administrative information for teachers.


Following the consultation phase, Guiseley School appointed Titus Learning to deliver the project. Titus implemented “Satchel” – a bespoke LMS meeting each of the school’s key requirements.

  • A revamped Moodle VLE named Satchel, with SIMS (MIS) integration
  • A mobile app alongside the VLE for teacher/parent access to MIS data
  • An onsite server, fully managed remotely (server side, backups, upgrades, monitoring)
  • A responsive theme with the school’s distinctive branding, allowing full mobile accessibility
  • A roll-out / implementation plan to deliver the modules in stages over course of contract
  • A flexible training schedule that fits alongside the limited Inset days and ongoing CPD plans
  • An ongoing technical support package including system, administrative and user support

“Titus Learning was essential in making the VLE look and work as expected. They also offered the full integration with SIMS that we needed, and the theme they supplied complements our school website and our prospectus. It’s given us a fully unified look, which is accessible by staff, students, parents and governors.”


Since the launch, Satchel has garnered excellent feedback from all user groups. Teachers now have a single location to access all online learning activity, and are able to complete administrative tasks such as registration directly through the platform. Parents have been assigned Satchel accounts, allowing them to log in and view curriculum resources, and live SIMS data. Students now benefit from a blended learning approach, which has become the main focus of teaching activity.

“Titus have been exceptional in service provision and support exceeding our expectations, and it’s always been delivered with a high level of professionalism and expertise. The staff at Guiseley School have adapted to the new VLE quickly, and are well on their way to providing innovative, exciting lesson content, with assignment submission, embedded videos, and tutorials, all of which lend itself to a successful VLE for students to use.

We would definitely recommend Titus Learning to other schools: the work they have done for us has been immense, they have gone above and beyond providing training for staff, and have provided a good looking and professional VLE for us to use.”

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