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Moodle 3.11 - Everything you need to know

Moodle 3.11 was released this week, a supplementary version that seems to have passed under the radar of many users. In this blog, we look at all the changes that have been introduced with 3.11, so you know everything you need to know before you decide to upgrade.

01 Accessibility within Moodle

Moodle 3.11 is geared towards the user’s learner experience and accessibility and is the predominant focus of the first change introduced with the ‘Accessibility Toolkit’. 

The toolkit was formed in collaboration with our friends at Brickfields Education Labs (find out more about them here), who provide fantastic tools to assist with e-learning accessibility. It will come as standard on Moodle versions 3.11 and above. It provides course tutors with a tool that assesses the accessibility of their course, providing information on what works well, what needs improvement and how to do so. 

As with every Moodle upgrade, one change is funded by the Moodle Users Association, a membership organisation focused on the development of Moodle (find out more about their work here). 

The tool they have introduced for this upgrade is ‘Student Activity Completion’, which, among other things, provides users with a much clearer view of the tasks they need to complete within a course, meaning information such as completion requirements and dates are now displayed on the course page.



"Accessibility within Moodle and wider e-learning in general is a significant factor for all organisations to consider, and one we take careful consideration for at Titus. To see Moodle implement tools that will make it easier for course creators to make their content accessible is a fantastic addition that we welcome with open arms."
Mandeep Kullar
Senior Business Development Manager

02 Smaller Moodle Improvements

Another feature of Moodle 3.11 is that it is now Open Badges 2.1 compliant, meaning it is now easier to manage and connect to backpacks. 

Moodle, being the open-source champion that it is, always takes huge strides in providing the user with the ability to set up their platform in the way they want it. This has been further enhanced with changes introduced converting some hard-coded ‘User profile fields’ into ‘Custom profile fields’, allowing you to add, remove and edit as you see fit. 

Finally, learners will now be able to set their own playback rate for video and audio set within courses, allowing users to select the right pace for them. 

The above changes have brought a swath of benefits and improvements to the platform we all love. To find out more about the changes introduced in this latest version, see the full release notes here, or watch the video below.

With over 150 global customers and more than 100 years of combined Moodle experience, we like to think we know a thing or two about e-learning.

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