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We’re now an Investors in People company!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that we have been certified as a ‘We invest in people’ company by Investors in People! 

Many of you reading this are maybe familiar with what Investors in People are, or at the very least will have seen their logo dotted around. 

But for those that aren’t, we wanted to write this blog to tell you what the certification is, how we achieved it, and what it means to the people working at Titus.

What is Investors in People? 

Established in 1991 and operated by the UK Government, the purpose of Investors in People is to offer accreditation to businesses that provide exceptional working conditions for their staff. 

Through their framework, they access organisations on three different criteria: 

– How they lead their staff – How team members lead and inspire one another, the company’s values, and how the organisation empowers and involves its staff.  

– How they support their staff – How the organisation manages performances and recognises and rewards high performance.

– How they improve their staff – The opportunities available for growth, delivering continuous improvement and creating sustainable success. 

To get this certification, we had to go through a lengthy evaluation process where we were measured against all the above criteria, including interviews with each member of the Titus team so they could review working at Titus.

What does this mean for the people at Titus? 

Since the early days of starting Titus, Co-founders Mike and Seb desired to make Titus somewhere where people wanted to work. 

From the flexibility and opportunities for growth, through to the culture of the organisation and how the working environment in the office would be, it was from the outset decided that Titus wouldn’t simply be another place to work, but one where each team member was valued and bought into the mission. 

Being certified by Investors in People for this and knowing that each team member thinks of Titus in this way is an unbelievable achievement so early into our story and makes us incredibly proud as a business. 

But this doesn’t mean we will be static. Our accreditation provided us with a rank scoring on all the above measures, and our aim now is to see this ranking increase until we’re at the very top. Our next step to reaching this is through hiring a Head of People and Culture to shape our working environment for the future.

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