IntelliBoard: Maximise student engagement using in-depth analytics.

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In order to unlock truly effective e-learning, an organisation must be aware of how their platform is used and what they want to achieve. Knowing how users access their platform, which areas are most popular, which are most useful, and which users find most difficult is key to achieving this.

We first partnered with IntelliBoard when we saw the amazing possibilities that are available through its powerful analytics and reporting tools. Since then we have encouraged all of our customers to implement it in order to increase user engagement and provide comprehensive reports and feedback.

In this week’s webinar, we will be providing a complete run-through of the IntelliBoard plugin, and how you can start using it yourself, including features such as:

Quick access through an intelligent dashboard – The Intelliboard dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access the data you need, with an at-a-glance graphical overview and powerful reporting tools.

Track & Improve User Engagement – Ensuring that learners are engaged with your platform is key to its success. Intelliboard provides multiple reports, analytics and notifications to track and measure how learners are using your LMS.

Identify At-Risk Learners – One of the biggest problems an organisation can face when delivering e-learning is having learners fall behind without educators realising. Intelliboard gives you the data you need to identify learners who may be struggling or failing to engage with particular courses, allowing you to take proactive steps before the problem worsens.

Enable Learner Self Management – The dashboard feature within IntelliBoard also details learners’ grades and activity in their LMS, providing a one-stop location for your platform’s users to keep up to date with what they have achieved, and what they have yet to complete.

Create Better Assessments – By using IntelliBoard’s analytics to monitor trends, statistical data and the weaker points in a learners progress, you can create in-depth assessments that truly reflect a learner’s journey.

Track Instructor Engagement – Another big difficulty organisations face when monitoring their e-learning use is knowing how educators interact with the platform and their users. IntelliBoard has a number of analytic tools that allow you to overcome this including ‘teaching activity’ and ‘teaching performance’.

Inform Every Area of the Educational Process – IntelliBoard provides analytics on every aspect of your e-learning, including the following:

  • Learner reports
  • Course reports
  • Site reports
  • Instructor and Manager reports
  • Learner/Admin/Instructor Dashboards

Join us on March 22nd for a presentation of the IntelliBoard platform, as we explore how you can provide a baseline for future improvements by using the plugin’s incredibly in-depth analytics, and how to use this information on an on-going basis to inform future progress.

Update: this event has now finished

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