We’re proud to have been named the 2020 EMEA Moodle Partner of the Year

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Moodle LMS for Corporate Training

Already the world’s most popular learning platform with over 200 million registered users, Moodle is becoming a top learning management system (LMS) for business training due to its low cost of ownership, flexibility, and ever-growing feature set.

It’s the corporate LMS of choice for the likes of Shell, The Emirates Group, Network Rail, and even Microsoft.

Titus is a Certified Premium Moodle Partner for the UK, Hong Kong, and UAE, and we have clients in over 30+ countries worldwide. Premium Partners are endorsed by Moodle HQ as being proven experts in using this LMS to create high-quality e-learning solutions.

Some of our business clients

We're proud to work with some of the world's leading organisations...
Network Rail - Titus Moodle Client
City of London Police - Titus Moodle Client
British Weightlifting - Titus Moodle Client
Transparency International - Titus Moodle client logo
NHS - Titus Moodle Client
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Why choose Moodle as an enterprise LMS

As the leading open source LMS, Moodle offers companies:

Low cost of ownership – Moodle LMS is free to use as there are no licensing fees – you only pay for any professional assistance if you engage a services supplier to develop the product and customise it to your needs.

Scalability – there are no limitations or built-in costs associated with growth, other than hosting requirements and supporting your users. You can support small teams through to millions of learners using Moodle.


Switch to a new service supplier or manage its maintenance in-house down the line if you want to – without needing to change LMS.

Many learning platform service providers own the platform itself, so if you’re unhappy with the support you’re getting, you likely need to change LMS as well, which can be painful, expensive and time-consuming.

With Moodle LMS, you can choose to switch Moodle Partners, or even manage the platform yourself in house if you decide to in the future, maintaining ownership of both the platform and the data.

Wasabi - Titus Moodle Client - Mockup

Continuous improvement

As well as the core improvements made by Moodle HQ, a global community of expert developers contribute new theme designs and plugins on a daily basis to make the LMS more powerful and maintain its security. 

If you can think of a useful LMS feature that could benefit your staff training, somebody has probably already made it for Moodle.

Why choose Titus as your chosen Certified Premium Moodle Partner

Titus was formed in 2013, bringing together a team of highly skilled and experienced Moodle technicians and consultants.

Since then, several leading experts in Moodle and e-learning have joined to give us over a century of combined experience with the platform.

We’ve helped business, not-for-profit, public sector and educational organisations across the globe to save time and money while improving learning outcomes by making online learning simpler and more engaging.

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