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6 e-learning modules to Include in your Compliance Training Programme

Compliance can be a real headache for employers and making sure that employees are up to date with current legislation and aware of the correct processes to follow isn’t always an easy task. 

What’s more, instructor led training can be time consuming and tricky to arrange around staff hours. 

Offering essential compliance training via structured e-learning courses will allow users to learn in their own time and in the long run, be more economical. 

Prepared by experts and continually updated to reflect any changes in legislation, such courses can be a complete game changer when it comes to learning and development in the workplace. 

We’ve all been sent on one training course or another during our careers and listened to hour upon hour of information. 

It’s difficult to remain focused and engaged. However, e-learning courses include an array of multimedia content to grab and retain the user’s attention. 

Gamification is also a possibility so trainees can partake in virtual role playing scenarios, take quizzes and be rewarded for progress and successes. 

So, which modules should you include in your Compliance Training Programmes? There are plenty to choose from but we’ve put together a list of the top 6 modules which would be most beneficial to employers…


We’re all familiar with the pop-ups and emails notifying us of a business’s GDPR policies when we visit a website. 

When you’re on this end, it’s no more that a minor irritation but for an employer, GDPR is an essential component in the successful running of a legally compliant company. 

Making sure employees are familiar with the guidelines and adhere accordingly, can be quickly and efficiently achieved via an e-learning module. Such programmes will simplify the sometimes confusing legislation, making it easy to understand.  

They also will provide the user with relatable examples of best practice when it comes to obtaining and storing customer data. 

02 Health and Safety

Health and Safety is the most widely covered training subject, but it’s a complex and diverse area. 

The subject matter depends largely on the industry but can often include endless hours of essential learning. 

In most cases, all employees need to undertake this type of training and administering this whilst continually evaluating progress can be time consuming and expensive. 

A tailored health and safety e-learning module will allow employees to learn all the aspects relevant to their role, at their own pace and within their own time. What’s more, management and administrators will be able to effortlessly track progress.

As the subject is so diverse, e-learning enables employers to offer role-specific training so that users only need to learn the legislations and best practices applicable to their position. 

03 Sustainability and environmental issues

Climate change has never been more talked about and as the world seeks to slow down the inevitable impact on the planet, more and more companies are becoming eco-conscious. 

Having  sustainable practices in place and an environmentally friendly attitude is now an integral part of CSR. Companies need to be seen to be doing their bit to help rather than contribute to the global issue, through sustainable actions and eco-friendly best practices.  

An e-learning module will not only help to educate employees on the importance of being eco-conscious as an individual, but will inform them of the actions they can take to help the company limit its carbon footprint and make more ethical choices. 

04 Cyber Security

You may recall a certain marketing campaign launched by the government last year, encouraging those whose careers had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to consider a career change to Cyber Security. 

It was poorly received but whether you agreed with the sentiment or not, Cyber Security is certainly a big deal in this digital age. A much broader subject area than GDPR, Cyber Security covers how data is handled, secured and protected by individuals and IT systems. 

Hacking is a legitimate threat to businesses of all sizes and breaches of security can be devastating.  An e-learning course in Cyber Security will enable employees to recognise signs of cyber crime and learn the best practices for preventing it from happening.  

05 Financial Compliance

Financial compliance is another broad area of training and the subject matter will vary depending on the industry. 

However, remaining financially compliant is imperative and the penalties for failing to do so can be substantial. 

An industry specific e-learning module will teach employees of the current legal legislation and best practices around key topics such as money laundering, consumer credit regulations and bribery. 

Through the use of a variety of multimedia content, the module will take the user through various job specific scenarios so they are aware of how their actions could potentially affect the company and the steps they need to take in order to contribute to it being consistently financially compliant. 

06 Diversity in the workplace

As we move further forward into the 21st century, diversity and equality in the workplace are becoming increasingly regulated. They’ve been hot topics of debate for a number of years; more recently the gender pay gap debate has had a great deal of coverage. 

As a company, it is essential that you have well thought out company legislation in place that clearly outlines your positioning on issues of diversity and equality. 

Communicating this to employees through e-learning will not only make them aware of the expected company standards, but will educate them on how compliance will help contribute to a fair and positive working environment. 

Virtual role playing and gamification capabilities will also help them identify solutions to commonplace issues and ensure client or customer-facing employees are aware of best practices. 

Getting Started

If your organisation would benefit from some practical advice on using eLearning to facilitate compliance training, we’d be happy to offer the benefit of our experience, Speak to one of our team to learn more about how Moodle Workplace and improves learner engagement and attainment.

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