What is Moodle? | Here's everything you need to know
The world's most popular learning platform
Moodle Learning Platform

Moodle is the world’s most widely used learning platform, with a community of over 70 million users and 50,000 registered sites across the globe ranging from schools to colleges, universities and businesses.

Designed by educators, for educators, Moodle is extremely customisable, allowing the platform to be configured to meet the individual needs of your school, both in terms of the available functionality, the visual design of the software and its integration with other systems.

As an open-source platform, Moodle benefits from a large and active online community, many of whom contribute to the development of the platform as well as providing advice and support on the Moodle forums.

This means a huge range of add-ons or “plugins” developed both by Moodle and by third party developers which extend the functionality of the VLE in a variety of ways.

An additional advantage to Moodle’s open source model is that any school using the platform avoids being “locked in” to a specific vendor, as no one company owns Moodle.

Interesting Moodle Facts
Registered sites
70 million
Active users
Moodle plugins