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Helping British weightlifters achieve their potential

BWL is the UK’s official governing body for weightlifting and para powerlifting. They are directly involved in supporting weightlifting bodies, clubs and gyms across the country, including the thousands of people involved in Olympic and Paralympic weightlifting.

Their remit includes the delivery of training programmes, educational structures and competitive events which create new opportunities for practitioners of the various weightlifting disciplines—from newcomers to the sport right up to elite international athletes. BWL champions inclusivity, ambition, safety and wellbeing in their drive for a fitter, healthier and stronger nation.

To facilitate this mission Titus delivered a custom Moodle LMS to support the wide range of educational games, tasks, exams, and essay submissions featured on BWL courses. The project included a custom theme to improve the user experience, face-to-face training for BWL staff, remote management and maintenance, and proactive support with ongoing improvements.

Moodle LMS—helping athletes reach the Olympic Games.

Our work with BWL has allowed them to find new and more efficient ways of working, raising service levels and enhancing their learning provision.

A broader portfolio

The new Moodle LMS has improved efficiency across the organisation, leading to a significant reduction in on-course time.

This means BWL are now able to offer a much broader portfolio of courses, improving their overall learning offer.

Concept-to-course in less time

The time saved on administration and management has also freed up team members to concentrate their efforts on innovation.

New course designs are now developed and brought to fruition much more quickly, allowing rapid and effective testing of new concepts.

Advanced analytics

From launch, the team at BWL have been able to implement comprehensive tracking of user activity to allow standardised reporting and verification.

This allows them to pinpoint any areas of concern and provide targeted support, ensuring students and educators alike remain highly engaged.

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