Welcome to the Titus Learning team Joanna!

We’re delighted to welcome a new member of the Titus Learning team, Joanna Beaver, who joins us as Support and Delivery Technician. Here, she talks through her experience in the education sector, her predictions for the future, and what inspired her to join the Titus Learning team.

How long had you been working in the education sector before joining Titus?

Before joining Titus I had worked in the education sector for 7 years across a range of organisations including private training providers, and FE and HE institutions.

Which areas of educational technology interest you the most?

My main interest is in the development of high quality online learning solutions, from the courses and resources contained within the platform to the development of complete online learning solutions and the courses, resources and processes required for them to run effectively.

What was it that attracted you to the role at Titus?

I’m passionate about high quality e-learning and was attracted by the exceptional standards that a certified Moodle Partner provides.

What are you looking forward to about the new role?

I am really excited to be working for Titus Learning and look forward to helping our customers create world class e-learning systems, and make the most of their learning platform through providing high quality training and proactive support.

What do you think has been the biggest shift in educational technology during your time in the sector?

I would say increased engagement through the development of a more interactive online learning experience, and a wider range of courses and qualifications across all sectors which has opened up education making it more inclusive and accessible to all, and the higher quality of those offerings.

How do you see educational technology developing over the next few years?

I’d predict a growing focus on the usability of the learning platform, accessibility for all, particularly those who use assistive technologies, and the bringing of AI into mainstream education to support the learning process.

What are your interests outside of the office?

Outside of the office I am a keen nature lover and can often be found spending my weekends in the Cambridgeshire Fens enjoying the local bird life. I love to be outside in general but you will also find me most mornings in my local gym where I like to work out in the morning for a fresh start to the day!

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