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What’s the difference between Titus Learning Platform and Moodle?

Titus Learning Platform is based on the Moodle platform so it’s fully compatible with Moodle in terms of importing course data. What we add to the basic Moodle experience is a level of design and usability improvements to make the system more engaging, as well as a suite of preselected plugins to extend the functionality of your learning platform.

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Can I transfer my data and courses from my existing Moodle to Titus Learning Platform?

Yes, you can import data from an existing Moodle installation to a Titus Learning Platform installation – it’s a simple process as the two platforms are based on the same underlying code. We can also migrate all users, settings and plugins used, ensuring everything you need works perfectly on your new Titus Learning Platform.

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Do you charge a subscription fee for using Titus Learning Platform?

There’s no software subscription with Titus Learning Platform itself. We charge you for the services provided initially, including consultation, installation and training, and then there’s an annual charge for technical support. If you’ve purchased Moodle-MIS integration, then an annual charge for this will also apply.

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Can you manage my existing Moodle installation?

Yes, we offer a “managed Moodle” service, where we would handle the technical support and infrastructure management for your existing Moodle VLE. We’d also advise you on improvements to your current system, including theme design, training programmes, configuration and plugins to ensure you’re getting the most from your platform.

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Do you upgrade Titus Learning Platform, if so how frequently?

As Titus Learning Platform is based on Moodle, we follow the same release and upgrade schedule. Moodle releases occur every six months, usually including new or improved features and/or bug fixes and security updates. We test each new Moodle update for a couple of months to ensure everything’s working smoothly before applying the upgrade to your learning platform. All upgrades are included in your support package – there’s no hidden cost.

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How secure is Titus Learning Platform?

We take the security of your learning platform as seriously as you do. We’ve got two hosting models – either onsite, in which case your entire learning platform exists within your firewall – or cloud hosting, where we use Amazon Web Services, whose security is trusted by many household names including Adobe, Citrix, Netflix and Pinterest.

We also advise schools to add an additional level of safety by using SSL to ensure your data is protected in transit between our hosting environment and your device.

Your nominated administrators will always have full control of access rights and permissions on your learning platform – we don’t lock you out of any aspect of the platform.

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Is there a limit on how many users can access the learning platform at once?

Titus Learning Platform can be configured to support hundreds, or hundreds of thousands of users, it all depends on the hosting infrastructure. We’ll advise you on the best solution for your school based on your specific needs, to ensure you get the performance that you need without paying for extra capability that you don’t.

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How is my data backed up / how can it be restored if it’s lost?

Disaster recovery is an important part of our service. We back up everything stored in your learning platform database to a local backup daily, or more frequently if you wish, and take remote nightly backups of the whole learning platform, including content, which are stored in our UK data centres.

With our cloud hosting service, we’re able to offer real time backups which allow you to restore your learning platform from a few minutes before an incident.

We usually maintain backup images for a minimum of 12 months, but we can tailor this to your needs. Should the worst happen, you can perform a restoration from backup yourself or we can manage the process for you, depending on the severity of the issue.

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How is your service tailored for international schools?

From the outset, we’ve built Titus Learning Platform specifically for international schools, considering specific challenges such as diverse curricula, multilingual communities, parental engagement and working across time zones.

Some aspects of our service which international schools welcome the most include our extended technical support hours, 24/7 proactive infrastructure monitoring, flexible training arrangements, including add on training where schools have frequent staff turnover and

From a more technical point of view, our learning platform’s ability to support multiple language packs, a range of curricula and grading scales, and a variety of age groups from preschool through to school leavers are of particular benefit to international schools.

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Which other systems does it integrate with?

Titus Learning Platform can be integrated with a huge range of software, and the number grows with each update, so we won’t attempt an exhaustive list here. If you’re wondering about a particular system though, just ask and we’ll be able to advise you. Some of the more frequent integrations we implement are:

  • MIS software, such as SIMS, CMIS, iSAMS, 3Sys, Veracross and others
  • Office applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Single sign on utilities, like Active Directory
  • ePortfolio tools, for example Mahara
  • CMS and Website tools such as Drupal and Joomla
  • eCommerce tools, for example Course Merchant
  • Student reward/badge systems
  • Online storage applications such as Flickr and Dropbox
  • Content packages using the SCORM standard

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What makes you different to all the other learning platform providers?

We’re focussed on providing each school with a bespoke service. That approach encompasses all aspects of implementing your new learning platform, from the configuration of the platform to the design and usability, to the format and pace of the training sessions.

Outside of the learning platform itself, we also place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring a successful implementation, working with each school on planning the launch and roll out of their new platform in as much detail as the initial set-up and installation.

It’s our job not just to deliver a working system, but to ensure the learning platform is adopted and used to its full potential by teachers, students and parents – that’s where e-learning really succeeds.

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How do you train overseas schools?

In our opinion, there’s no substitute for face to face training, and we offer training packages ranging from single days to full week programmes, delivered at your school. This can take the form of group training sessions for all users, or “train the trainer” sessions, where we teach a group of Moodle champions the skills necessary to deliver in depth training to their colleagues.

If this isn’t the right option for you though, we can also accommodate remote training sessions using screen sharing and web conferencing software to get as close as possible to being in the same room.

Whether you opt for onsite or remote training initially, we also offer a full programme of follow up activities using webinars, remote sessions and take home resources.

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