Preparing your VLE for school closures – PDF Guide

Our latest guide aims to help you prepare your e-learning strategy in case of unexpected school closures. We’ve looked at a few of the ways VLEs can provide a substitute for classroom teaching when needed, discussed a couple of scenarios where this might come in handy, and added some tips how to best prepare for such a situation.

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Perhaps the most obvious difference between classroom based and online learning is the latter’s availability from any location at any time.

One particular benefit of a VLE in this regard is the ability to use it to support teaching and learning during school closures, whether that’s due to extreme weather, security risks or an outbreak of illness. Your VLE can be a vital tool in these instances, allowing lessons and exam preparation to continue, even if the closure lasts weeks or months.

To take advantage of this however, you need to be prepared well in advance. The guide available via our form above above will walk you through everything you need to consider to ensure that in the event of unexpected school closures, there’s as little impact as possible on teaching and learning.

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