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WASABI - Titus Moodle Client


Wasabi Sushi & Bento is a chain of modern lunch venues serving fresh, healthy Japanese cuisine.

Founded in London in 2003, the company now has over 60 branches throughout the UK and overseas.

Wasabi is committed to providing all staff with high quality customer service training, management programmes and personal development.

So they approached Titus Learning in 2019 to design a learning platform that could help them better achieve this vision.


The Challenge

To create a custom Moodle installation which would replace Wasabi’s existing platform and allow extended functionality, including custom features to facilitate corporate training, and integration with the HR system Fourth to allow managers to track trainees’ progress.

Our Solution

Following the initial consultation period, during which Wasabi outlined the key features needed to make the new platform a success, a dedicated implementation team at Titus Learning began the three-phase process of building the new platform


Titus designed a bespoke Moodle theme to meet the requirements of the Wasabi brand identity, but more importantly to ensure that the platform could be easily navigated and utilised by trainees, even those new to the company.


The development of the platform included a number of custom features specific to Wasabi’s needs, including integration with the company’s HR system, Fourth, via single sign on (SSO), as well as a bespoke interface to enhance the overall user experience.


Titus Learning provided full training to the Wasabi team on the use of the platform, and following the launch, continue to offer proactive support on the ongoing use of the Moodle and how this can be continuously optimised and improved.

WASABI Titus Moodle Client Mockup

Outcome & Impact

Quick & Easy Assessments, HR System Integration

Prior to working with Titus, Wasabi was using a more basic version of the Moodle platform which had little scope for customisation or linking to other key business systems.

The new custom designed platform allows the company far more freedom in terms of how they can deliver and track the progress of their trainees.

Managers can log in to the existing HR system (HRS) and see up to date information on how well learners are engaging with their courses and their achievements to date.

Course administrators can quickly and easily assess trainees’ existing knowledge and direct them to the most appropriate resources. Classroom quizzes can be automatically graded, and the results fed into the HR system.

This means that trainers have more time available to spend on mentoring individual trainees where needed.

Looking to the future, the team at Titus are liaising with Wasabi to further improve the platform to meet the company’s future challenges, including increasing demand for mobile learning, adapting the platform for international learners, and continuing to advise on new plugins which will help adapt the platform further to their developing needs.

The Review

The team at Titus Learning was super supportive and knowledgeable. We had a dedicated team helping us setup and implement the system. They really helped us address some functionality issues through current plugins and advising us on further development.

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