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Enabling a Truly Blended Training Programme

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As the UK’s National Measurement Institute, the National Physical Laboratory – NPL – develops and maintains the country’s primary measurement standards. It is a Public Corporation owned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). As part of its remit, NPL offers a range of training courses and qualifications to both academic and industry clients.

In early 2019 NPL commissioned Titus Learning to build a custom Moodle LMS capable of accommodating the scientific and mathematical content required, aligning with the NPL brand and aesthetic, and facilitating easy access for a wide range of users.


The Challenge

To deliver a fully featured learning platform which would support STEM learners, particularly in delivering maths/equation based content, while ensuring ease of access through a custom designed, intuitive interface to reduce excessive training overheads.

Our Solution

  • The Titus Learning team worked closely with NPL to develop a specification which would support their unique business process, while promoting their overall vision.
  • The new theme was designed from the ground up to fit with NPL’s visual style, and match the brand identity established in their other web properties.
  • As well as the aesthetic considerations, particular care was paid to user experience. A number of default features not relevant to the NPL user base were stripped back, while custom elements were added to facilitate particular use cases.
  • The development and implementation process was overseen by a dedicated contact at Titus Learning, providing regular updates and liaison with the NPL team at all stages up to and including the launch of the platform in June 2019.
  • NPL also benefited from a bespoke training programme to ensure all staff involved with the project were confident and comfortable in their use of the new platform prior to the launch date.
  • As part of the proactive support package, NPL have access to a named contact at Titus Learning to offer advice on optimising and improving their use of the platform as they roll it out to users.
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Outcome & Impact

Modern Design, Streamlined Functionality, Easy To Use

Whilst NPL had been using digital learning to some extent prior to the development of their new platform, there were significant limitations on what they were able to achieve.

The new Moodle has allowed NPL to provide a much richer learning experience for their learners.

Course administrators now have more options in terms of the activities they can set, the data they have access to and the amount of support they can give.

NPL can now offer a truly blended training programme to learners, including initial knowledge assessment, tracking of pre-course learning, automatic grading and online course registration.

The administration time which has been saved frees up trainers to give much more in depth mentoring, and the new platform supplies them with the data to personalise this support on an individual level.

The Review

The team at Titus is very approachable, flexible and easy to work with. (They) always respond to our questions promptly and they are respectful of our company’s processes. They didn’t seem phased by any of our design and configuration requests – in fact, they rose to the challenge and were eager to help

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