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High Performance Learning is a UK based social enterprise which aims to connect with and support schools in attaining high levels of performance across their student body.

HPL currently works with a wide range of UK schools, both state and independent, alongside a selection of international schools around the globe.

Titus Learning worked with HPL to implement an Online Community based on Moodle.


The Challenge

To create a multifaceted online community which would allow HPL member schools access to learning resources, host webinars and provide direct communication with expert advisors.

Our Solution

Bespoke Moodle e-learning platform

Custom designed Moodle theme to support the HPL brand and ensure a clear, consistent layout for ease of use for both staff and member schools.

Support for a large library of shared resources, forums and presentation of webinars.

Detailed real time reporting available to HPL for groups and individual users’ activity.

Hosting package to support a substantial user base worldwide.

Proactive training and support package

Named contact at Titus to personally support HPL staff through launch, implementation and beyond.

Ongoing technical support and management of the platform for optimal performance.

One to one training for key HPL team members.

HPL - Titus Moodle Client Mockup

Outcome & Impact

Driving Better Communication and Knowledge Sharing

The new Online Community has had a significant impact on the day-to-day work of HPL staff, but more importantly on the experience of each of their member schools.

Post launch, HPL staff praised the site layout and design for being easy and straightforward to use, in comparison with previous systems which they had found more complicated.

The key impact has been on facilitating interaction, both between HPL and the schools, as well as between individual member schools themselves. Sharing of resources, swapping best practice and accessing up to date information from HPL have all been streamlined, with a combination of forums, webinars and an online resource library.

Operating globally, ease of communication is key for HPL and the new system breaks down barriers that had frustrated effective dialogue in the past. Staff report greater interaction between member schools and teachers around the globe, leading to better sharing and implementation of ideas, as well as boosting peer-to-peer support.

The benefits are already measurable, with HPL reporting substantial time saving as a result of centralising their large resource library, as well as improved productivity, both on a whole school and classroom level. Ultimately this assists more schools in receiving the World Class Accreditation.

HPL are now looking to further improve the Online Community by adding more HPL and teacher led forums, as well as podcasting and live streaming content to improve the Award and Foundation areas of the site.

The Review

We see the project taking our business onto the next level, both in the way we deliver training and how we can interact with students i.e. by the use of video. This also means we have the opportunity to take the training abroad as all the info sits on the VLE.

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