Custom LMS for Chrysalis Courses:

Moving Training Online for 3,000+ Learners

Chrysalis Courses - Titus Moodle Client

Chrysalis Courses is the UK’s market-leading trainer in accredited counselling courses and talking therapies, with venues throughout the UK.

Chrysalis picked Titus Learning to enable engaging online learning for their existing learners, while being their trusted partner for proactive support as they look to expand and take their business global.


The Challenge

To deliver a custom Moodle platform allowing Chrysalis to move their training courses entirely online to serve over 3,000 trainees and allow for international expansion.

Our Solution

Bespoke Moodle e-learning platform

  • Custom Moodle theme to ensure usability and promote the Chrysalis brand identity.
  • Tracking and reporting of learner progress against competency based frameworks.
  • Support for total user base of 3,000 learners with flexible infrastructure to allow easy upscaling in future.

Proactive training and support package

  • Named contact at Titus to personally support Chrysalis through launch, implementation and beyond.
  • Ongoing technical support and management of the platform for optimal performance.
  • One to one training for key Chrysalis team members.
Chrysalis Courses - Titus Moodle Client Mockup

Outcome & Impact

Substantial Cost Savings & Global Expansion Opportunities

Since the launch, the response from users has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the ease with which the platform was rolled out, and the support received.

The move from paper based learning to a completely online system has perhaps had the most obvious impact, freeing students to submit work as and when it is complete.

The new system allows assessors the freedom to grade and supply feedback from their preferred device.

Overall though, what Chrysalis Courses describe as the most significant outcome is the substantial saving in both direct and indirect costs.

Increasing amounts of staff time are freed up and there’s a notable reduction in printing and distribution of physical media.

Looking to the future, the team at Chrysalis are enthusiastic about a second phase of the project, which is planned to combine integration of the company’s CRM system with the Moodle platform as well as the creation of a mobile app to further engage learners and allow just-in-time learning.

With courses now available entirely online, the company is also looking at expanding their learner base to other countries, something which had not been possible previously.

The Review

As a training provider we needed to move forward with our learning platform, we decided to use Moodle but did not know how to use it. The best thing we did was to contact Titus to develop our Moodle platform, they have been helpful, cost efficient and knowledgeable. They will help you transform your business!

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