How to choose a … Moodle Training Provider

Choosing the right Moodle training provider is vital. If you want to realise the full potential of Moodle within your school, it’s essential for all relevant staff to get up to speed before your Moodle is launched, and to keep abreast of developments along the way.

With key Moodle knowledge gleaned from good training, you can be sure your Moodle platform will make a positive impact on your school – the way it creates an online community for pupils teachers and parents, how it engages learners and, ultimately, how it improves learning and attainment.

But what did you need to look for in a Moodle training provider? What questions do you need to ask? To help you choose the right provider, and get the most from your Moodle, we’ve put together four steps to getting the best Moodle training services for your needs.

What is your budget?

Budget you have available for Moodle training may limit your scope; it may not. Still, it’s best to know how much the training will cost through your Moodle training provider – or potential Moodle training provider.

Take away: Find out whether training is charged per hour, per session or per number of learners. Bear in mind, too, that some Moodle training providers will provide at least one session free, particularly if they are also building your Moodle and providing hosting services.

What level of training do you need?

It’s likely that staff within your school will have different levels of Moodle knowledge, and will therefore have different training needs.

Your Moodle training provider should be able to provide training for your whole team, whatever their needs.It may help to understand who within your team will need beginners’ tuition, who may be an intermediate learner and who knows Moodle well.

Take away: Ask the Moodle training provider if they can cater for all different Moodle skill levels – they should be able to put together a training plan if you can provide information on the number of staff members who require each level of training.

How frequently will you need training sessions?

Once your Moodle is up and running, and everyone has received training, what about refresher courses and training for new staff members?

You may feel comfortable with handling the latter yourself, using your own acquired knowledge to train those new to the team who don’t have prior Moodle experience. Refresher courses will depend on how often you intend to use your Moodle, and how confident you feel with regards knowledge retention within the teaching staff.

Take away: Check with the Moodle training provider if they can provide ad-hoc training sessions, if there is a minimum number of staff members in each session, and how much they will cost. Don’t forget to take your budget for Moodle training into account, too, if you have one.

Would you prefer training off-site or at your school?

The internet has made the world smaller – and just like your students, you can distance learn, too. Moodle training sessions can take place remotely, with staff at school, and your Moodle trainer providing a tutorial-based session from another location.

Alternatively, you may want your Moodle training sessions to take place at your school – with a trainer present. This way, staff can be sat at computers learning simultaneously, and any questions can be asked along the way.

Take away: Ask the Moodle training provider how they typically carry out training sessions, and also what format training sessions take. Are they tutorial-style, with the trainer showing staff how various functions of Moodle work? Or can staff learn through doing – with the trainer visiting your school for group sessions?

The right training is essential before you begin using your Moodle system. It’s the only way you’ll get the most out of it, and a little bit more money spent on good training could make using your Moodle a much more rewarding experience.

Follow the advice above and you’ll be on your way to finding a training provider that’ll help you open up the possibilities of your Moodle. Of course, if you have any questions about Moodle training, or would like to find out more about the training services available from Titus, get in touch here.

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