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We’re Titus Learning. We’re a UK company who specialise in providing and supporting online learning platforms for international schools teaching programmes such as IB, EdExcel, CIE, or the British or American curricula.

Our services fall into four main areas:

Our team has over a decade of experience in the e-learning sector, and we’ve worked with schools from across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

We’ve designed our Learning Platform to give you the functionality you need...

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Why choose us?
End-to-end implementation

Our goal with each project is to provide an online learning platform which is adopted and used by all members of the school community. This means we don’t see the launch day as the end of the project. We’ll work with you to create a robust plan for introducing the new platform to each group of users, including staff, parents and students, to ensure every user is as excited about the possibilities as you are. We’ll also review the platform with you on a regular basis, to ensure usage continues to grow, new features are communicated to users and you’re getting the maximum value from your investment with Titus Learning.

End-to-end implementation
Round the clock support

Working with schools across the globe demands a 24/7 organisation. The Titus Learning management system and alerts are operational constantly, and our consultants are available to schedule meetings or calls whenever best suits you, regardless of your time zone.

Round the clock support
Staff transition

We know that staff turnover can be a concern for international schools. To minimise disruption and ease the handover process, we implement an ongoing support and training plan for each of our clients, ensuring new staff members can quickly get up to speed. Titus Learning Platform is designed to be intuitive, and makes it easy to transfer course materials and resources between teaching staff.

Staff transition
Parental engagement

Close involvement of parents in their child’s education is vital, and this can be challenging, especially for boarding school pupils. With the online reporting tools available through Titus Learning Platform, parents have access to live data on their child’s progress, keeping them informed and connected at all times.

Parental engagement
Face-to-face service

Whilst web technology allows us to deliver an effective global learning service, there’s sometimes no substitute for face-to-face communication. We always meet with each of our clients, wherever in the world, preferably at the school, or if not possible, at conferences or events. This close contact allows us to gain a real understanding of the unique issues facing each school we work with.

Face to face service
Staying informed

It’s important for us to keep on top of the developments and issues facing our international school clients, and to that end we’re members of COBIS, ECIS, BESA, EARCOS and FOBISIA, with pending membership of other similar organisations.

Staying informed
Multilingual platform

Titus Learning Platform is designed to support multilingual teaching, and is available in over 90 languages. Even where teaching is in English only, this functionality can also be used to support MFL programmes, and is invaluable in accessibility for non-English-speaking parents.

Multilingual platform
3-18 schooling

Unlike many platforms, which focus on a single phase of education, Titus Learning Platform is readily configurable for schools teaching students from 3 to 18 years of age. A variety of themes can be designed and implemented to display the most appropriate interface for each pupil depending on their age or ability.

3-18 schooling

Titus Learning Platform is designed to be an open system which means that, if you wish, you can easily and securely link up your LMS with partner schools, or groups and organisations you belong to. This allows you to share resources and data, facilitating collaborative teaching, learning and reporting.


We’ve designed our service to accommodate the needs of diverse education systems – whether you’re teaching the British or American curriculum, IB, CIE or EdExcel, or any other syllabus, Titus Learning Platform can be configured to the specific assessment and reporting requirements you work to.

Where does the name Titus Learning come from?

We’re based near the town of Saltaire, in West Yorkshire, UK, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for being one of the first Victorian model villages, built by forward thinking industrialist Titus Salt. One thing which Titus Salt is remembered for is providing the new town of Saltaire with a public library and lecture institute – enabling working people access to education at a time when this wasn’t common.

In a similar way, we believe in the power of technology to enable self directed learning, and see the VLE as a modern day virtual community which gives students, staff and other stakeholders a common space to share, discuss and learn.

What our customers say
  • Titus are literally a class apart. The installation was quick and professional, with the support being second to none. I would be happy to recommend Titus to any organisation considering MIS and Moodle integration

    Alex Kirkbride
    Assistant Headteacher - West Exe School
  • As a training provider we needed to move forward with our learning platform, we decided to use Moodle but did not know how to use it. The best thing we did was to contact Titus to develop our Moodle platform, they have been helpful, cost efficient and knowledgeable. They will help you transform your business!

    Ross Elliott of Chrysalis Not for Profit
    Ross Elliott
    Managing Director - Chrysalis Not for Profit
  • Titus Learning provided the tools and communication we needed to make Moodle a true middleware platform to better serve our teachers, students and parents. They have truly partnered with us through an ongoing customization of Moodle to create a tool that has become part of our everyday practice

    James Stratford
    Assistant Head - Dulwich College Beijing
  • Titus Learning are an extremely professional company and the support they offer is continuous and reliable. We’ll be continuing to work with them in future to support our Moodle learning platform.

    Malcolm Davis
    Director - International School of Bremen
  • We couldn’t recommend Titus Learning enough to anyone who is looking to launch an e-learning system. The content and platform that they have created looks great and very user friendly.

    Kristian Hargreaves of British Weight Lifting
    Kristian Hargreaves
    Workforce Development Manager - British Weight Lifting
  • The Titus team has truly partnered with us through an ongoing customization of Moodle to create a tool that has become part of our everyday practice.

    Staci Kalmbacher
    Director of Educational Technology - Dulwich College Suzhou
  • Ours is perhaps a specific case, as digital communication in China can be quite different to what we are used to overseas, but together we managed to overcome problems and our Moodle VLE was set up and ready to go.

    Gregor Markovic
    Head of IT - Wellington College International Tianjin
  • After many discussions and online presentations to the school management, ISB made the decision and chose Titus Learning. Their efficient and open communication has made working with them easy and we look forward to how the VLE will evolve over the coming months.

    Carol Hancox
    Head of ICT - International School Brunei
  • We would certainly recommend Titus Learning to other schools. The work they have done for us has been immense, they have gone above and beyond providing training for staff, and have provided a good looking professional VLE for us to use.

    Alastair Herron
    Network Manager - Guiseley School
  • Our teachers love not having to log into SIMS to do the register and adore being able to edit/create reports at home – with a write back that actually works!

    Barnaby Sandow
    Principal - Jerudong International School

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