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LMS services

As e-learning experts, we’re able to offer a range of associated learning platform services. If you’re looking for the following services, Titus Learning can help:

  •  I’m looking for a new learning platform
  •  I want to improve the look of my current LMS
  •  I want to customise my existing learning platform
  •  I want my learning platform to link up to my MIS system
  •  I want to access data from my MIS system off-site, or on a mobile device
Moodle Services
Theme Design – Does your LMS need a facelift?

Usability is at the heart of our design philosophy. We will create a theme for your learning platform which not only matches the branding of your school but also provides users with an accessible and intuitive interface – encouraging engagement. Each of our designs is fully responsive, which means your platform will look pixel-perfect on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Theme Design
Training – Are you looking to get your staff up to speed?

We offer a range of training programmes for your administrative and teaching staff, ensuring everyone involved feels confident and comfortable with the LMS. Our training packages are tailored to your specific needs and desired outcomes to ensure you get the maximum value. Sessions can be booked as one-to-one or group training, and will be performed in person at your school. Remote sessions and Internet conferencing is available if you prefer.

MIS Integration – Do you want LMS to talk to your MIS software?

If you’re using your LMS alongside an MIS like SIMS, CMIS, iSAMS, 3Sys or Veracross, you could benefit from our integration solution to get your MIS and learning platform working together. Our EduLink integration software allows you to link the two systems to achieve:

  • Automated user and course management
  • Online, real time reporting for students, parents and staff
  • Online attendance logging, report writing and grading
  • SMS and email messaging to students, parents and staff
Support – Do you need some help with the technical stuff?

If you’re looking for a third party to provide technical support, we’re able to provide assistance via telephone, email or web chat, on either a contract or pay as you go basis.

We believe in a proactive approach, so rather than just answering the phone when you’ve got a problem, we offer advice and guidance on making the most of your LMS, whether that’s recommending plugins to use, innovative ways to structure your courses or advice on engaging staff or pupils. Our years of experience working with learning platforms in schools across the globe means we’re well placed to advise on best practice in all areas of online learning.

 Hosting – Are you looking to enhance your infrastructure?

We’ll help you to select and configure a hosting environment which offers the best value for money whilst ensuring a high level of performance and availability, and allows for future expansion.

Depending on your needs, this could be cloud hosting, a local data centre, or a server at the school itself. In each case, we can manage the hosting and backups on your behalf, delivering a resilient, secure and reliable service.

Consultation – Do you want to talk to someone about LMS?

If you’re simply looking for advice, we’re happy to provide consultancy – whether it’s an initial foray into the world of online learning, or advice on an existing learning platform. We offer a noncommittal, client-led approach to help you get the most out of our services, whatever stage you’re at.

If you’d like to book an initial session to discuss your current situation and the options available, we offer this free of charge.

What our customers say
  • Titus Learning have completely redesigned our VLE to give a much more attractive feel both on computers and mobile devices. Also, the streamlined integration with iSAMS, our school MIS, has greatly assisted in maintaining course enrolments on a much more dynamic basis with less IT management overhead.

    Jonathon Quinn
    Systems Administrator Stockport Grammar School
  • Titus Learning have been exceptional in their service provision and support, we have had a few teething issues, as was expected with a new system, but these have all been rectified quickly. The level of support we have received has exceeded expectations, and it’s always been delivered with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

    Alastair Herron
    Network Manager Guiseley School
  • After many discussions and online presentations to the school management, ISB made the decision and chose Titus Learning. Their efficient and open communication has made working with them easy and we look forward to how the VLE will evolve over the coming months.

    Carol Hancox
    Head of ICT International School Brunei
  • Titus Learning have provided a great product and brilliant support, responding quickly and effectively to any queries we have had. Titus are keen to ensure that we are using our VLE effectively and are consistently looking at ways for us to promote more effective use of our VLE within the school.

    Jonathon Quinn
    Systems Administrator Stockport Grammar School
  • We would certainly recommend Titus Learning to other schools. The work they have done for us has been immense, they have gone above and beyond providing training for staff, and have provided a good looking professional VLE for us to use.

    Alastair Herron
    Network Manager Guiseley School
  • Our teachers love not having to log into SIMS to do the register and adore being able to edit/create reports at home – with a write back that actually works!

    Barnaby Sandow
    Principal Jerudong International School